Brave toddler set to undergo amputee surgery as family look to raise awareness and find support

A family whose 14 month old daughter is set to undergo amputee surgery are raising awareness of her condition and hoping to find someone going through the same struggles.

Wednesday, 13th October 2021, 5:00 am

Eden Star Smith was born prematurely 14 months ago with a number of rare conditions that have resulted in her now needing her right leg amputated in order to have a better quality of life.

Now, Eden’s Mum and Dad, Louise Hudson and Foster Smith, from Whitburn, are hoping to find people going through the same struggles to share advice and get reassurance.

Eden was born at 32 weeks old and diagnosed with scoliosis - a curved spine - developmental dysplasia of the hip, resulting in having no hip socket, and proximal femoral focal deficiency, meaning a short femur.

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Eden Star Smith, 14 months

Having any of these conditions is extremely rare but having all three is even rarer and means Eden will be having her right leg removed at Sunderland Royal Hospital in the near future.

Despite her struggles, Eden’s mum, Louise, is blown away by her braveness. She said:

“Eden doesn’t understand what’s going on but nothing bothers her. She just gets on with it and has even been crawling in her own little way. It’s been a big shock. Obviously her being born early and taking all this information in, it’s uncharted territory for us all.

“We want to raise awareness for what Eden is going through but also try to find someone who might have been in the same position and can offer reassurance.”

Eden Star Smith, 14 months

Following the surgery, Eden will receive a prosthesis which is hoped will improve her mobility and allow her to live a normal life.

Eden’s family have been blown away by support they have received, especially from amputee charity Amp Camp, who recently climbed Mount Snowdon in honour of Eden.

Louise added: “We started a Facebook page sharing Eden’s journey and the support we’ve received since has been overwhelming. She's just amazing. regardless of what she’s going through Eden is the happiest baby I’ve ever known. She just laughs and smiles constantly, she’s so brave.”

To keep up with Eden and follow her progress, visit Eden’s Journey on Facebook via this link.

Eden Star Smith, 14 months