'Are medicines only produced in the EU?' - your views on Operation Yellowhammer no-deal Brexit report

Another long week in politics is coming to an end with far more questions than answers as to when, how or if Brexit will happen.

Friday, 13th September 2019, 8:45 pm
Updated Sunday, 15th September 2019, 5:51 pm
Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Yet there was one question that Sunderland Echo readers in particular were definite about.

At the time of publishing this article, only 14% of people in our latest Facebook poll felt that knowing about the no-deal fears contained in the Operation Yellowhammer report would have changed the way they voted in the Brexit referendum three years ago.

The papers, just released by the Government, are defended as a “worst case scenario” over references to potential delays in importing medicines and disruption at ports and borders.

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Among the dozens of comments posted on our Sunderland Echo Facebook page in response to our poll were the following:

Andrew Topping said: “It's Project Fear all over again. Okay it's been written and published by a no deal brexit government and they were forced to publish it because they didn't think it looked great. But obviously it's a leave conspiracy to make us all remainers so that we leavers can not get what we voted for.”

David Reed wrote: “Worst case scenario. Does this stop you getting on a plane? If a document was published giving future worst case scenarios on staying in the EU, it'd be a lot worse.”

Sam Thompson added: “It’s worst case scenario. People of the Brexit side don’t know what they’ve let them selves in for and are dumb, so we hear constantly. The country should welcome change. Look at Switzerland who ain’t in the EU and have a really strong economy.”

David Gilby said: “It’s all might maybe could. No facts. Medicine shortages? Are medicines only produced in the EU? Sure we could buy them from USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, South America, Far East, etc.”

Graeme Collinson insisted: “The Yellowhammer was just a worst case scenario. I wanna see a best case scenario published next.”

Mike Usher added: “Yellowhammer is an anagram of Orwell Mayhem.”