Pennywell aunt quizzed on Jeremy Kyle over theft of tragic nephew’s mobile

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THE aunt of a tragic teenager who died in a freak sunbed accident appeared on national television after taking a lie detector test over allegations she stole her dying nephew’s phone.

Grant Adams, 17, died after a glass tube pierced his jugular when he tripped and stumbled into a sunbed at his South Shields home in June.

Jeremy Kyle

Jeremy Kyle

Michelle Kelly was with him as medics and loved ones battled to save Grant’s life.

But yesterday the 33-year-old, originally from Pennywell, appeared on ITV’s Jeremy Kyle Show to take a lie detector test as Grant’s sister Natasha Smedley, 20, tried to discover what happened to his missing phone.

Kyle told the studio audience: “Since his death this family has been in further turmoil, as Grant’s mobile phone went missing.

“Natasha doesn’t like to think anyone could do such a thing, but certain things make her, and other people, think it could be her aunt Michelle.

TRAGIC ... Grant Adams who died after a tagic accident.

TRAGIC ... Grant Adams who died after a tagic accident.

“This is made worse because Michelle is the one who cradled Grant in her arms.”

Natasha was asked if she believed her aunt took the phone and replied: “I don’t know, she’s stole off her family in the past. I don’t want to believe it, I’m 50-50.

“We’ve never fallen out about this, it’s just always at the back of our minds. Whoever took it needs to say, but Michelle was the only one who has actually had the bottle to come here today.”

A tearful Michelle, who is the sister of Grant’s mum Amanda Smedley, 39, admitted to Kyle she did once steal, but was adamant she did not take the mobile, which contained irreplaceable family photos,

She said: “My nephew died in my arms, it’s really hurt me that they could think I could do such a thing.”

Kyle then read out the results of Michelle’s lie detector test.

He said: “We asked ‘did you steal Grant’s mobile?’ Of course she was telling the truth.

“We also asked ‘do you know for sure who stole the phone?’ She said no, she needs to be allowed to grieve as well because she answered truthfully on both questions.”

He added: “Some people might not like it but I’m going to say this. I’m glad she passed, the paramedics said Grant would not have lasted as long as he did if it wasn’t for what this lady did in the house.

“For her to even come here, fair play to you.”

A sobbing Natasha added: “I’m happy I’ve got the results. Now everyone who thinks it’s you can go and shove it, because it’s not you.”

The Echo was unable to contact Michelle and Natasha after the show was screened.