PAYE campaign

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A NEW campaign which affects workers and employers kicks off this month.

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is launching its Real Time Information awareness campaign this month by writing to employers running the 60,000 Pay As You Earn (Paye) schemes across the North East.

The letters will provide information on what employers need to do to prepare for the new way of reporting Paye data starting in April 2013.

Paye itself will not change – just the way, and how often, employers send this data to HMRC.

The letters form part of a wider HMRC campaign which will include flyers and emails, regular live Twitter feeds, YouTube videos and roadshows across the country.

It will target employers of all sizes, accountants, professional bodies, software providers and other industry groups.

It is hoped it will improve the operation of Paye for employers, HMRC and employees.