Party vandals spoil Sunderland beach

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PARTY yobs have been slammed after more than 100 glass bottles were smashed on a beach.

Walkers came across the glass on Roker beach yesterday morning next to the Cat and Dog Steps and called in lifeguards, who spent almost three hours making the sands safe.

Lifeguards clear up  from the Cat & Dog steps, Roker, Sunderland, after a party there had left rubbish and broken glass.

Lifeguards clear up from the Cat & Dog steps, Roker, Sunderland, after a party there had left rubbish and broken glass.

Police were called in the early hours of Friday morning to nearby Roker Terrace, after complaints of rowdy teenagers from Monkwearmouth School, who had been to their prom.

Headteacher Steve Wilkinson said he was “disappointed” at the behaviour of some of his students.

On the beach a team of nine people – including lifeguards from three beaches, council workers, a street sweeper and two council trucks – was called in to clean up the mess.

Lifeguards today described the behaviour as “shocking.”

“It’s annoying, because it’s taking us away from our main role,” said Simon Almond, 24.

“We had to get two lifeguards from the beaches at Seaburn and Roker to help us clear it, so they were men down on their beaches.

“It was so bad when we first got here that if anyone had walked down they could have hurt themselves.

“We could have been dealing with casualties all day.”

Debris was scattered across the beach, promenade and the top of the steps.

Dog excrement was thrown at the lifeguard hut, and blood smeared across a lifeboard container. There was also damage to the toilets.

Senior lifeguard, Alexander Richardson, 20, said: “It didn’t smell very nice, and we have had to use disinfectant to clean it.

“Someone has obviously been injured on the broken glass.

“We get about 10 people here every morning who come and walk their dogs – the animals could have easily been injured.”

A resident in Roker Terrace called police at 1.15am to report a group of teenagers causing a disturbance.

A spokesman said: “We think it might have been people who had just been to a prom.

“We have not received any reports of damage, just drinking in the area.

“We went back to the resident to explain about the prom, and that it was a one-off incident.”

Monkwearmouth School, in Seaburn Dene, held its prom at the Stadium of Light on Thursday night.

Headteacher Steve Wilkinson, said: “The prom was a fantastic celebration for all who attended. The students behaved impeccably and were dismissed from the Stadium of Light by 10.30pm into the care of their parents.

“I understand that there has been a disturbance in the area, involving a small minority of young people.

“We are naturally disappointed, as the behaviour of the vast majority of our students is exemplary and they are a credit to the school, their parents and the wider community.

Councillor James Blackburn, from Sunderland City Council, said: “The antisocial behaviour of those responsible will not be tolerated, and we would urge people to report anything of this nature to us or our community safety partners.”