Parents walk in memory of daughter

Kasia Ber
Kasia Ber
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THE parents of tragic teenager Kasia Ber are to pound the pavements in an attempt to stop further sudden deaths.

John, 51, and Dianne, 49, will be joined by their son Chris, 21, on the Cardiac Risk in the Young (Cry) Durham Riverside Walk, on October 6.

The walk is aimed at raising awareness of long QT syndrome, which claims 12 teenage lives in the UK each year.

The family of Kasia, who died aged 17 in 2005 from the heart condition, have worked tirelessly since her death to raise funds in order to get heart monitors into schools.

Friends of the family and other people affected by the loss of a loved one, will join the Bers at the event, which last year saw 144 people take part.

John, who lives in Horden, said: “The support that the event has been given over the last couple of years is amazing.

“It is great to see that the figures are rising each time and I really hope that we can have more people than ever this time around.

“The point of the walk and getting people into Durham is to raise awareness of heart conditions and what effect it can have on not just the people, but the families and friends.

“We have suffered, but I know that every time someone mentions Cry or someone gets involved with charity events, it is making a difference.”

Promising law school student Kasia took ill on December 14, 2005, during classes at Byron Sixth Form, in Peterlee, with palpitations and shortness of breath. Staff took her to a GP, but she told them not to tell her parents because she did not want to worry them.

She returned to the doctor four days later to undergo an electocardiagram, but did not have further treatment. On December 28, she collapsed at home after suffering a heart attack, but all efforts to revive her failed.

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