Paper Mario: Sticker Star: Nintendo 3DS: Action/RPG

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PAPER Mario: Sticker Star is an epic new adventure on Nintendo 3DS, starring the Mushroom Kingdom’s most famous hero in an elaborate papercraft world.

With Mario bouncing around on Wii U and this handheld system right now, there could be a danger of plumber overload, but this title is a great addition to the ”Paper” series, keeping close to its RPG roots while adding a touch of genius via the new sticker mechanic in combat.

Exploring a stunning 3D land packed full of stickers for discovery, you’ll collect and use them to fight off bad guys, uncover secrets, and much more.

With brilliant dialogue, fab fighting and beautifully crafted paper visuals, Sticker Star is a brilliant adventure, not just in the world of Mario, but in the 3DS gaming world overall.

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