‘Pantsman’ fails in record attempt

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A FORMER record breaker has been told to pull his pants up before he can officially reclaim a world title.

Gary Craig, aka Geordie Pantsman, thought he had scooped another Guinness Word Record after pulling on 302 pairs of underpants.

Geordie Pantsman

Geordie Pantsman

The 53–year–old, from Whitburn, completed the task at the finishing line of last September’s Bupa Great North Run in South Shields.

But now Gary has been told by officials that they weren’t satisfied with his efforts and the title is still owned by American Janine Keblish, who pulled on 252 pants last year.

The architect, who originally scooped the record in 2010 with 211 pairs, said: “As soon as I received the email I knew something was up, as there was no attachment which would have been my certificate to print had I been a new record breaker.

“They said that I should have pulled all the pants up to my waist, which was a new rule of their own, because that certainly hadn’t been in place before.

“With the volume of pants I put on, it’s impossible for the ones at the end to be right up to my waist, they’re so thick, I’m too wide and I have to bend over to pull them on myself.

“Looking at videos of other entrants, I am not entirely convinced that they’re not using big women’s knickers which are a lot thinner and easier to pull on.”

Gary has had a run of bad luck in recent weeks after his mum died from a heart attack on Christmas Day.

He was also due to go on four television shows, including Russell Howard’s Good News, a new children’s show on BBC1 and a Japanese channel – but they all fell through at the last moment.

Gary said: “I think it was just the way my luck was going at that moment, it was a very hectic and strange time. I was obviously disappointed with being let down not once, but four times.”

His efforts have been recognised in the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! annual.

He said: “They weren’t bothered where the pants came up too, they were just satisfied I had them on my body.

“I don’t know at the moment whether I will try again, it was only ever meant to be for fun, but I do think I will try something different.”

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