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A COUPLE have been ordered by a court to stop their bad behaviour or face arrest.

Nuisance neighbours Lisa Quinn, 39, and Steven Smith, 42, were both issued with interim antisocial behaviour injunctions after Durham County Court heard how police had been called to their home in Poplar Street, Chester-le-Street, 23 times over two months.

The order bans the pair, from causing, allowing or tolerating any arguing, shouting, swearing, loud music or disturbance that is so loud it can be heard outside the property.

Quinn and Smith, who can be arrested if they break the terms of the injunctions, are due to appear at Consett Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, January 4, when there will be a further hearing seeking a full order.

Durham County Council, working with Durham Constabulary, sought the action after neighbours of the privately rented property complained about the couple playing loud music, fighting, arguing and swearing in the house,

Disturbances could also be heard on the street.

Oliver Sherratt, the council’s head of direct services, said: “Our antisocial behaviour teams work hard to ensure that no-one’s life is blighted by the constant bad behaviour of others.

“In this particular case, we decided to take urgent action as we were aware that a number of the neighbours have small children and were concerned about the potential impact of any antisocial behaviour over the Christmas period.”

Anyone affected by antisocial behaviour is urged to report it to the council, making a note of the time, date and location of any incidents and a description of the perpetrator if possible.

All calls are treated in confidence and the information provided could ensure action is taken against those responsible.

Incidents can be reported by calling 0300 123 70 70.

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