You can trust the Sunderland Echo to fight fake news

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“Until I read it on the back page of the Sunderland Echo, I won’t believe it.”

Those were the words of a reader of the Echo who was tired of the rumours and speculation surrounding the on/off signing of a Black Cats target.

The name of the player has long escaped my memory, but the sentiment of the reader has always stuck.

The Echo is, and has always been, the voice of truth in our community.

We know it, the authorities know it, and, most importantly, our readers know it.

We are the trusted voice in the community and the value of that trust has never been greater. We live in an age where truth is often buried under an avalanche of rumour, speculation and downright lies.

Fake news is perhaps the most destructive of all.

At its most extreme, fake news is being maliciously peddled with the aim of political or financial gain.

Social media has served to amplify the problem.

Our Fighting Fake News campaign is aimed at reminding our readers and website users about the importance of our brands in bringing you Trusted News.

Our brands have a long and proud history of bringing you well researched and accurate journalism.

Throughout the campaign, we will be asking readers and advertisers to support us in delivering this message and to get involved in learning about how we carry out our trade.

Our plea to you today is to support this campaign, support local journalism which is under constant threat from unregulated, free and inferior content providers and to get involved with your local newspaper and website publisher.

Together we can be trusted to defeat fake news.

You know you can believe us on that score.