Will the end of my Disability Living Allowance leave me high and dry?

Always seek advice when making claims.
Always seek advice when making claims.

Q. I have been claiming Disability Living Allowance, but have received a letter inviting me to apply for Personal Independence Payment.

I have called Personal Independence Payment and they sent me a claim form, which I have now returned.

I have also been given a date to attend a medical assessment, but it is after the date that my Disability Living Allowance is due to end.

They have said there is nothing available sooner, so I am worried about my Disability Living Allowance ending.

My mother claims Carer’s Allowance so she would also be affected by the change if my Disability Living Allowance stops.

A. As long as you have taken the appropriate steps by requesting and completing a Personal Independence Payment application then your Disability Living Allowance should be paid until a decision is made on your entitlement to Personal Independence Payment.

If you had failed to act then your Disability Living Allowance would have ended on the notified date. However, as long as you have taken the necessary steps then your claim will continue even if there is a delay in going for your medical assessment

Following your medical assessment, Personal Independence Payment will make a decision on your entitlement and will notify you of the outcome.

Your Disability Living Allowance will be paid for four weeks after the Personal Independence Payment decision is made, regardless of whether the new award is more or less favourable to you.

Your mother should speak to Carer’s Allowance to keep them informed of the situation and confirm that you are applying for Personal Independence Payment, but there should be no change to her award.

Q. My son has just been awarded low rate Disability Living Allowance care and I have made an application for Carer’s Allowance, but it has been refused. Is there anything I can do about this?

A. Carer’s Allowance can only be paid if you are caring for someone who receives middle or high rate Disability Living Allowance care, Personal Independence Payment for daily living or Attendance Allowance.
As your son is awarded the lowest rate there wouldn’t be the option of Carer’s Allowance.

You should ensure that Tax Credits or Universal Credit (depending on what you claim) are aware of the Disability Living Allowance award, as this will mean that you qualify for additional elements to be paid, which will increase your award.

If you feel that your son should have been awarded a higher rate of Disability Living Allowance then you should speak to an advice provider, as you have the option of appealing for one month after the date of decision.

You should always seek as much advice as possible in these circumstances, as the DWP will look at the whole claim again, which could potentially result in the loss of the Disability Living Allowance award.