Why we should protect our democracy

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A few days ago a bill in the name of Yvette Cooper(Labour) and others forcing the Government to go back and ask for an extension to the leaving date was passed in the House Of Commons by 313 votes to 312 (a majority of 1).

Having heard MPs of all political persuasions publicly telling us Leavers that the result of the 2016 referendum was “too close to call”, and wasn’t representative of a proper result (a majority of over 1 million), are there any people who see this as yet another hypocritical decision made by the MPs who unashamedly don’t want us to leave the EU?

In the early 1980s a small number of people (British), who resided in the South Atlantic were under threat from a foreign nation, which said that the Falkland Islands belonged to them and were prepared to take them back.

The islanders were then asked (in a non-legal non-binding ) referendum if they wanted to remain British.

Overwhelming was the result in favour of remaining British.

The government of the day immediately acted and proceeded to send planes,ship men and woman 8,000 miles to protect the islanders democratic right to remain British, which they ultimately succeeded in doing.

The sad unfortunate result of all this is that 257 service personnel did not come back after making the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of their fellow British citizens.

Our current MPs should remember and reflect on those events and understand what democracy means to ordinary people.

What this debacle gives the people who voted to leave of course is an amazing opportunity to let those MPs who have betrayed their democratic rights what is possible when 17.4million votes are up for grabs. I implore those 17.4million people to exercise their right (peacefully) via the ballot box to consign those MPs, who they feel have betrayed them, to the dustbin of history.

I have heard many people say publicly that they will never vote again, well that is what they want us to do.

I say do the opposite and vote in the upcoming elections(local and European) but not for any members of the mainstream parties and remember to vote this way when the next General Election is called.

When my children and grandchildren ask me what I did to protect their democracy I can honestly tell them that I made my protest the only way I could.

In closing I know that the North East is a hotbed of Labour and people may have to compromise their principles but feel as if their is no other way to vent our anger.

Michael Robson