Why we name and shame those Sunderland litter louts destroying our community

Litter offender, Kelly Cummings
Litter offender, Kelly Cummings

You blight our community: we name and shame you.

Our message to those who show no regard for their city and the people they share it with could not be clearer.

We have been getting flak from some quarters for publishing the photograph of fly-tipper Kelly Cummings and detailing her offence for all the world to see.

Just as the 33-year-old showed no remorse for dumping maggot-filled bags on green space used by children, so we make no apologies for naming and shaming her.

We launched our Clean Streets campaign on the back of readers’ concerns for the state of the city in which they live.

Answering our Big City Survey, 66% of approaching 1,000 readers told us that the cleanliness of the city’s public spaces was poor, or very poor. When our readers speak we listen … and act.

Rubbish dumped by Kelly Cummings in Tadcaster Road, Sunderland.

Rubbish dumped by Kelly Cummings in Tadcaster Road, Sunderland.

In response, the Echo launched its campaign to not only get more people involved in cleaning up Sunderland, but to take on the litter louts in any way we can.

We want people to report dumping and litter blackspots, send pictures to the Echo team to highlight the issue and get involved in cleaning up local communities.

But we are also working with Sunderland City Council to beat the litter bugs and fully support their tough stance on anyone blighting the community.

Kelly Cummings, of Tadcaster Road, has been fined £200 and told to pay a £30 surcharge and £188 costs. She didn’t believe she had done anything wrong. We trust she now knows better. And we hope by highlighting her offence we send out a message to anyone who dumps rubbish on their own doorstep that we won’t let them get away with it.

We love our city and those ignorant few who selfishly litter our streets need to know their selfish actions will not be tolerated by the caring many.

You blight our community: We name and shame you.