Why we are sinking as a nation

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What has happened to a once great country?

We are governed by a collection of individuals who have their own agendas, and as a nation we are sinking.

I am an elderly pensioner with fond memories of Great Britain, a nation with standards, criminals were punished, the punishment fitted the crime, violent crimes earned violent punishment, the birch or the cat, and murderers were hanged, it was called justice.

We now live in a Lawful Society ( I think the L should be removed), which has completely lost its way. Respect for the law or the individual is a fond memory of the past.

Society, it appears, has come to accept that we are surrounded by corruption, the criminal justice system has passed quietly away, unless you exceed the speed limit, then the heavy hand of the law descends upon you.

Welcome to “Grate” Britain.

Durham Jack