Why Nigel Farage should look in the mirror

Nigel Farage leading a people’s March to London – have we ever seen anything in Sunderland so ridiculous.

Monday, 25th March 2019, 10:41 am
Updated Monday, 25th March 2019, 10:43 am

Nigel Farage, whilst the referendum votes were being counted, stated that if it was a close run vote, 2/3 % and leave lost, the campaign was not over.

Basically stating he would ignore the majority result and campaign to overturn it. Exactly what he is campaigning against at the moment, calling those who threaten his view of Brexit, “ Elitist and traitorous”. His words.

As to being anti-elitist, strange words from an ex-public school boy, city banker worth millions.

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Someone who charges £50 to join him on his March, then lords it over his few supporters on the top of a bus. Waving at the plebs walking in the pouring rain and mud whilst he drinks coffee in comfort.

What a man of the people. More fool those taken in by him.

The strangest part of the whole debacle were the fishing boats in Newcastle, supporting the demonstration, being applauded by Farage.

This is the man who, whilst a member of the EU Fisheries Committee, attended one of 42 meetings he could have.

Also in three major votes concerning legislative changes to Fishery regulations, he didn’t bother to turn up. This is public record.

He cares for the fishermen? I think not!

He is well aware that fishing quotas are decided on by UK Central government, not the EU but constantly states that the EU is to blame. Statements he made publicly at a fishery demonstration in Whitstable in 2018, to which he was not invited.

The man is a carpetbagger, and the sooner his supporters realise this the better.

He has taken EU wages for years and done very little to earn them.

If he can really call anyone “ Elitist or traitorous”, maybe it should be the man he sees in the mirror every morning.

Arthur Oxley