Why MPs should stop bickering and reach an agreement over Brexit

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Like other readers I too have written to my MP Bridget Phillipson regarding her persistent attempts to call for a second referendum on Brexit, despite her constituents overwhelmingly voting to leave the EU.

The electorate voted to leave the EU hoping to help protect our borders, freedom to make our own laws and democracy and to have the ability to make our own trade deals without the interference of the EU.

Having voted for the principal to leave the responsibility is clearly with MPs to agree a withdrawal agreement so why is she trying to pass the buck back onto the electorate?

MP’s are paid to make these decisions and unlike the electorate they have been privy to the finer details of the withdrawal agreement and all of its implications.

If they cannot find a way to an agreement in Parliament then all the MPs have to take full responsibility of a no deal scenario or have the courage to step down and let some other candidate have a go.

So, please, stop the constant bickering and concentrate in reaching a agreement as is your remit being elected to Parliament.

Norman Walker