Why I think the Tories are running this country into the ground

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I’m not going to stick up for any MP as I believe they have constantly let the people of this country down since Parliament was first established.

So when I W Pallace started to have a pop and apportion blame towards the three MPs up here and the rest of the Labour MPs on the letters page for their part in this Brexit debacle, I think he should check his facts before he puts pen to paper.

The Brexit mess we have now was, and is, a Conservative Party mess.

It was created by David Cameron with his short term political game to win over the Tory right wing of the party and the even more right wing UKIP.

He was terrified of not being re-elected, and his thoughts were not what was best for the country but for him and his legacy, so he gave the right wing of his party the referendum Farage insisted on.

David was hoping the country would vote remain, it didn’t so he resigned.

The referendum should never have happened, it was binary in or out and left the country in total chaos, that’s why I’m afraid to say is why we elect MPs to make those decisions for us.

Then if his replacement Theresa May had not called a snap General Election with the majority she had it would have been over and done with by now.

So that is why we are where we are and she is now known as the new worst Prime Minister ever taking over from Mr Cameron.

I’m still astonished how many people like I W Pallace believe it’s the Labour Party that is holding up our exit from Europe when anyone with a bit of common sense can see it’s the Conservative Party which is divided, holding up our withdrawal as well as running this country into the ground, also making us the laughing stock around the world.

As for his these people use the old Joseph Stalin’s method “tell people lies long enough and they will eventually believe them”.

It comes from Joseph Goebbels the Nazi minister for propaganda.

Ged Taylor