Why I think our country is in a ‘fine mess’

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It’s not just drains that have the whiff of decay and neglect.

The whole nuts and bolts of society are not being given the attention they deserve because often, the mainly university-educated people in charge are too high-minded to concern themselves with the basics.

I’m reminded of the time highly qualified technicians in our factory toiled in vain all night to get a machine working, before a lowly operator on the next shift kicked it in a certain place and solved the problem.

Every day people encounter examples of how it seems impossible these days to get something right first time.

When our education system seems to encourage the notion that it does not matter if you get things wrong, what hope is there?

Every aspect of society is disintegrating before our eyes.

It is looking increasingly likely that Jeremy Corbyn will take power (God forbid) perhaps in a coalition with the SNP, and with that the UK will be done for.

What a fine mess our country is in, and who is there to help us?

Scott Andrews,