Wetminster is to blame for our demise

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Amidst all the noise from the House of Commons, I distinctly remember one speaker.

He said the trouble with Brexit is the majority of the nation support it, and the majority of MPs are against it.

The fact is that the top hierarchy in the EU republic have a similar problem.

They will strive to ensure that the UK does not secede successfully ‘pour encourage les autres’ – particularly Italy, the Finish, as always, play their usual role.

The eventual outcome of this will be BINO – Brexit in name only.

We will remain the worst sufferer amongst a rag tag bunch of hangers on in this republic, which is a German empire.

Considering that the Germans have been humiliated in two massive international armed conflicts, started by themselves in the last century, it has been a breathtaking and triumphant recovery.

For our demise, we must thank the Palace of Westminster.

F Evans