We will not be better off leaving the EU

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It sadly comes as no surprise by this point that many of my fellow Sunderland residents now try to claim that we would be better off leaving the EU without a deal.

I suppose if pushed they would probably also say we’ll be better off here if Nissan closes, the local supply chain is wiped out, and thousands of jobs are lost.

Such is the up-is-down, black-is-white world of Brexit mania.

It’s become popular now to say ‘we didn’t vote for a deal’.

Since a deal of some sort is necessary to avoid complete chaos as the UK leaves the mechanisms it’s relied on for 40 years, I’d argue they should have taken that for granted.

Certainly leading Brexiters mentioned it enough. They claimed it would be ‘easy’ and make us better off. They lied.

But of course it’s not those liars who the Brexit fans are angry at.

Of course not.

It’s the MPs attempting to look after their constituents’ interests who are called ‘traitors’. Again, up is down, black is white, and ‘devastated’ is ‘better off’.

Bradley Lamb