Tory government is all some people know

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I read Bob Francis’s recent letter with interest.

The only thing the Conservative councillor for Fulwell was correct on was the fact Jeremy Corbyn has designs on being prime minister, and considering he is leader of the opposition that’s quite obvious.

Jeremy Corbyn has never supported any dictators, but has consistently stood up and voted for peace not war.

He has said numerous times every war ends with all sides sitting down to work out a solution, so why not begin with looking for a solution, makes sense to me.

Bob says Labour supports rent controls, and renationalisation of the utilities, as if these have been a monumental success under the Conservatives.

For millions of young people all they have known is Tory Britain.

A country of austerity, zero hours contracts, huge student debt, ridiculous rent and house prices, dreadful public transport, environmental damage, and social destruction, not forgetting adding a £1trillion to the National Debt, and Bob says we should be worried about Labour. I believe people at least need to do their homework.

Ged Taylor