Tories have not kept their promises

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In Wednesday’s Echo Councillor Robert Oliver firmly nailed his colours to the mast, and it’s not for the people who voted for him at St Michael’s ward or the Tyne and Wear Fire Authority for which he is a member, it’s the Conservative Party down South.

Even though the Chancellor admitted recently the austerity policies they have pursued these last 10 years have clearly not worked, Councillor Oliver says the Labour MPs should be taking some of the blame for the mess this country is in.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m sure councillors as well as MPs are voted in to represent their constituents, and the boards they sit on not the Prime Minister.

Everyone can see the damage this Government is causing with its austerity drive, none more than the fire authority he represents.

When the Conservatives took power over 10 years ago it was with a promise to get the country back on its feet, to regulate the banks and jail the guilty bankers. Growth at the time was around 2% and the country was moving in the right direction.

They kept none of the promises that got them elected and growth is still lower than it was 10 years ago, not a banker jailed but all of them rewarded while the people who pick up the bill suffer. The bankers caused the financial crash and Gordon Brown’s government should have done a lot more to prevent it, instead they borrowed billions to bail the banks out.

Now Councillor Oliver says the Conservatives are the fiscal party, can he explain then why they have had to borrow over £1trillion, tripling the National Debt, and creating the biggest disparity between the rich and the poor for a generation.

Until Councillor Oliver gets into Westminster, he needs to remember who he represents.

Ged Taylor