Tony Jeffries’s Diary from LA: A nice breather, and now it’s back down to business

The latest from Tony Jeffries
The latest from Tony Jeffries
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TONY JEFFRIES’ latest update from Los Angeles

I HAD a nice week off in Palm Springs last week with my fiancée Sarah because my fight’s been put back till September, which is very frustrating.

I didn’t want to peak too soon and have been training hard since April 5 so we thought we’d take a trip away. I had a week off from my diet too, which was great. Even though I didn’t go mad, it was nice to have an Indian meal or two.

It’s the first time I’ve been to Palm Springs. It’s hard to believe it’s less than a two hour drive from Los Angeles because it’s like a completely different world. Unlike LA where there are people and cars everywhere, there was hardly a car or a person in sight.

It’s a city in the middle of a desert and before we went we didn’t realise that in June, July and August it’s the quiet season where there are no tourists and most of the people that live there go on holiday or try to keep away. The reason being that it’s too hot!

When we first got there it was 39*C (102*F) which is scorching and that was the coldest day of the week. It got up to 46*C (115*F) so this is probably the reason why me and the Mrs were the only crazy people mooching about with as little as clothes as possible trying to get a tan.

I’ve travelled the world most of my life with boxing. The hottest place I’d been was Melbourne in the 2006 Commonwealth Games and that doesn’t come near to this place.

This was by far the hottest place I’ve ever been, the only way I can describe the heat is when the wind blew it was as if someone had a hot hair dryer in your face. It was too hot, but a great experience.

Because it was the off season we got a hotel for £18 a night. It wasn’t the best place I’ve stayed but it had a bed, TV and more importantly air conditioning.

I still did a bit training out there - a few runs and we did quite a bit of hiking. We hiked around two miles up the desert mountains to a great natural waterfall. By the time I got there, the sweat was dripping from the end of my nose so it was so refreshing to jump in the very cold water.

But the highlight of the trip for me was when we went horse riding, I’ve never done it before and it was great. We did a two hour trek. Sarah was on the horse in front on me and when I got a bit confident at riding mine I thought it would be funny to whip her horse in the ass with my rein, so I did and her horse went a bit mad screaming, kicked my horse and ran away. Then mine started screaming and jumped.

I got the shock of my life and as you can imagine Sarah wasn’t too pleased with me because she got a right shock too, but the horses were ok after that and we carried on our brilliant journey, going to a natural oasis in the desert. It was gorgeous.

Now I’m back in LA, back to graft, I’ve started my 10 week training camp for my fight that’s on September 3 in Doncaster.

All the best,