Time to get organised over Irish border

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The news that the EU requires a hard Irish border is surely no surprise as movement within the EU is basically unrestricted but not outgoing movement.

Borders have failed from the time of the Great Wall of China as guards can be easily bribed.

This is a lesson that President Trump has yet to understand.

When I last travelled from the North of Ireland to the South, many years ago, I saw no real ‘border’ and the only indicator was a couple of soldiers with big guns who stopped us and asked to see our passports.

This was a lot less hassle than most borders crossings but I fear a revisit will not be the same.

What seems to be missing is an understanding of what people voted for and the consequences.

There is no use arguing over what must happen, a real border, and it’s time to get organised so that there is not more chaos.

Dennis Fitzgerald