Is this Sunderland’s Brexit future?

I’m from a Leave voting area in West Yorkshire, though I myself voted to Remain.

Our area doesn’t have a world beating Nissan factory, so the voters probably thought that they had nothing to lose.

Sunderland on the other hand had a lot to lose by voting Leave.

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When in a few years time, the Nissan plant closes, is stripped of its robots and production machinery and all this technology goes to Bulgaria or Poland to build the electric X-Trail, then there will be great opportunities for Sunderland to benefit from.

The empty plant can be turned into Europe’s largest food bank. Part of it will become Europe’s largest IKEA, selling secondhand furniture and clothing.

There will be enough space to provide shelter for thousands of rough sleepers and the homeless.

In the new medical centre, specialists in gunshot wounds will be treating those people who have been limping around Sunderland for three years having shot themselves in the foot on Brexit Day.

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There should be enough room to house betting shops, Greggs, pound shops and a couple of Wetherspoons for people to drown their sorrows.

The sign over the entrance to this new paradise should read ‘no work sets you free, we took control’.

Jean Sharpley