Sunderland voters only get what they vote for

It would be rather remiss not to recall when Sunderland was an attractive, vibrant town that once merited city status, but that was many moons ago.

Thursday, 28th February 2019, 10:28 am
Updated Thursday, 28th February 2019, 10:32 am

Over recent years it has been allowed to degenerate and now reflects a shocking state, the result of ongoing neglect amounting to nothing less than a dereliction of duty of our council leaders.

There can be no one in authority who can deny that the areas of Fawcett Street, Holmeside, Blandford and High Street West (east of Bedford Street and John Street) are in urgent need of attention.

Anyone with a sense of pride can be forgiven for becoming incensed and outraged at such demise.

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Where is the strategy to address this major concern?

It is time to challenge our councillors who have, unfortunately, adopted the ostrich syndrome and hold them to account.

The people of Sunderland and surrounding areas deserve much better.

To compound the situation, it would appear that some of our city dwellers have become accustomed to the ongoing decay as they go about their business having lost faith.

How long can we be expected to tolerate such conditions? It’s a shame to witness such systematic failure and perhaps the focus of attention towards the redevelopment of Seaburn has become a distraction from the neglect that prevails in the city centre.

Furthermore, instead of preparing for illusions of grandeur in the construction of a new Civic Centre at a cost of multi-millions, if cash is available to such extent it should be directed to the hub.

Of course, there is some doubt whether these comments will arouse any emotions, or will lead to action to stem the ongoing decay that blights the city centre and sends out all the wrong signals. What a legacy?

It is worthy of note that the local elections are not too far away so there may be the realisation that you only get what you vote for.

Arthur Pattison