Sunderland MPs do not care about their voters

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Somebody needs to remind our MPs Ms Phillipson, Elliott and Hodgson, that their salaries and expenses come from the people who put them in Westminster.

The voters,over 60% voted to leave the EU, yet these MPs along with the rest in Parliament have done their best to frustrate and make sure that Brexit, which we voted for will never happen.

They didn’t want it in the first place and they have prolonged the exit so people will get sick of the mess that should never have happened.

I speak of the word deal.

Deal was put into Brexit to delay it.

Mr Cammeron said in or out. We said out, nothing about deal, all the scaremongering lies, cliff edges never happened,but,because our MPs could not accept the referendum result – deal was included.

It should have been us leaving and the EU coming to us asking us for a deal.

We would have been out now and the electorates’ wishes respected.

It’s called democracy.

How can these MPs be re-elected, I will never know.

Keep electing the same people then you get what you deserve.

They do not care about the constituents.

We should make sure they do not have another term in office.

Richy Mackem