Sunderland council not helping bird numbers

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I read with interest your article regarding the annual garden bird survey and the reports of the rapidly declining numbers of certain species such as sparrows, thrushes and blackbirds.

The RSPB advocate householders putting out food and planting suitable shrubs as nesting sites.

It does beg the question why they do not mention local councils as they are the custodians of large tracts of shrubbed areas around housing and industrial estates, which are the birds natural habitat.

This survey comes at a time when our own poverty pleading council has its swarms of environmentally and horticulturally ignorant supernumeraries sawing down, and shredding these habitats for no logical reason at vast taxpayer expense, depriving these birds of their winter food source of berries and suitable nesting sites.

It should be of no surprise to anyone that these birds are in decline when organisations, which have a duty to act responsibly, set such an appalling example to others.

Apart from the futile self perpetuating huge expense, it is brainless, destructive and downright irresponsible.

I Scott,