Sunderland council is not to blame for rubbish on Chester Road

I was bemused by Helen Greener’s letter, on behalf of the Barnes Conservatives, blaming the Labour council for rubbish on Chester Road.

Why not blame them for rain falling from the sky or dogs barking?

I was born on Chester Road and it has always been that way. It’s not a new problem and it’s not down to the council. If she is going to complain about that, she’s due to have a very disappointing life.

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Overall I think Sunderland and the region is much better now than 10 or 20 years ago. The bid for the City of Culture summed up lots of it for me.

There’s a buzz around the region and the Labour councils have done a lot to support that. I’m proud of Sunderland Council and enjoy bringing visitors to the city.

Please don’t try to pin the blame on the council for things that aren’t their fault.

Peter Wallace