Sunderland AFC new ticket sales procedure sounds like chaos

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I read the Echo item on the cup final ticket registration and sales having already read the information on SAFC.Com.

The registration process states that supporters with recent ticket purchase history should register with ticketmaster on March 6 or 7.

Recent purchase history is qualified as previous two seasons from season 17/18 onwards. This does not make sense unless the current season 18/19 is being referred to as a previous season.

I gave up my season card in disgust at the end of the 15/16 season, not the performance of the team but the way the club was run.

If the word ‘previous’ is used in relation to seasons then in this case it must be from season 16/17.

The process published looks like planned chaos, which is typical of Sunderland AFC in recent seasons.

This is a final that has no appeal for me.

M Forster