Steve Colman: “Win, lose or draw - always wear your shirt”

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Having been at work all over the Festive bit - well the bits before and inbetween and after, it was weird to have people actually in the office this week.

But it helped things move a lot faster.

I was obviously on the radio the day after Boxing Day and the day after the day after New Years Day, if you get my drift.

The two weeks dragged like you would’nt know what.

Now, with everyone back at work, the week has flown past. And not much has really happened. OK, we had power cuts around the region and some rain but that seems to be it.

I was going to go to the Sunderland v Chelsea FA Youth Cup game Thursday night but the venue wasn’t up to scratch and I was surprised to turn on my television earlier and find they had changed the KO time to 1pm.

I missed the first 25 minutes but enjoyed the 2-0 win.

I mentioned that there was a power cut this morning which took my attention for a good hour or so on the show. Tickets had gone on sale for the Sunderland v Chelsea game on February 1 late this week. It was originally Monday but they changed it until today.

So of course at 7.35am in the middle of the birthday mentions I remembered that I should be online buying my ticket.

As it happens I got on and did. I must be a glutton for punishment but I’ve always said “Win, lose or draw - always wear your shirt.” Don’t forget I’ve been there in my shirt since 1969 - I really should wash it!

I’m talking to Michael Ball and the female lead in a shown he is producing in London on Magic 1152 next Tuesday.

No doubt you will remember the amazing tear jerker Love Story starring Ryan O’Neal and Ali McGraw? Well, it’s been turned into a major musical in the West End which started off at the Chichester Festival.

Michael went to see the show and decided to get involved and has his first producer job.

I am hoping to give you a romantic opportunity to see the show in London on Valentines night, with a stay down in the big city - keep listening for that chance.

Emma Williams who plays the lead is a lovely girl with a great voice and of course she dies in the show. I mentioned that one of the reviewers of the show mentioned this fact and said he was disappointed that it is stated at the start of the show. Where on Earth has he been living? Mars? Everyone knows the story - surely? Oh sorry have I ruined it for you?

I’m sure I have mentioned food and the fact that I like it rather a lot in this column from time to time.

I was shown a recipe for Chicken Tikka Massala this week, it actually was from a diet cookbook but really was only the use of Fromage frais instead of yoghurt in the mix that made it less full of calories.

Do you know what? It tasted fantastic. It involved crushing the Cardamom and all the other spices and grating garlic and onion (which I would usually have just chopped) and it turned out like something from your local Indians. By the way, why is it Indians with an ‘s’ ? - please someone tell me?

Alongside Michael Ball I’ll be chatting to Lindisfarne who are issuing a 3CD set of all their music on Monday - now that should really be a huge seller locally with some never-heard tracks and some different mixes of some of their tunes. Lady Eleanor is a masterpiece. I’ll probably be playing that on Thursday’s show when we have the chat.