Steve Colman: ‘When are you going to get a proper job?’

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IT’S really strange seeing all the music heroes coming on the small screen promoting things.

So many people are coming back and entertaining us again.

Bucks Fizz have an old album and a new album to sell and the Monkees are on their way back with concerts in May.

Interesting to hear that Micky Dolenz, who I used to see riding his bike around the Tooting Bec area of London, started off life as I did, with a career in architecture.

Our mums are probably still saying up there in the sky “When’s your son going to get a proper job?”, even though we are both still working.

I wonder though how many times I heard that in my life.

But I have asked myself that same question when I’ve been asked to be involved in some charity abseil or flying, as I did once with my Dad actually there to see me doing the loop de loop in the old Rothmans biplane. What did you do at work today? Hmmm.

TODAY, as I mentioned in last week’s article, I was meant to be talking to Buddy Holly. I rang him three time and his tour manager, but neither picked up. I hope he isn’t in any danger, or in a plane crash or something. No doubt he’ll turn up and see you at the Sunderland Empire next week. Enjoy the show if you are going.

AN interview I’m looking forward to doing next week is with the stars of a surprise hit show at the National Theatre in London.

If you have children or grand children you may know of the children’s author Michael Morpurgo.

I’ve only found out about him recently and one reason is because of “War Horse”.

The play has recently sold it’s one millionth ticket and has been graced in the audience by Her Maj.

It’s the story of a horse who goes off to battle in the First World War and the attempt to get him hom after being used as a field horse on farmland.

It’s caught the imagination of so many that it will be opening in New York on Broadway, and later in the year it’s genius will be revealed on screen in Steven Speilberg’s take on it. I can’t wait, but in the mean time will enjoy chatting to the stars on Thursday morning.

WELL, a bit of a bad footballing week for you and I if you are red and white or black and white. Chelsea had a great first half in the Champions League second leg, even with Torres on the pitch, but then let it all go in the second half. Red and white ....ouch. Black and white .... wow what a win, however, how much did it hurt when Andy Caroll hit that sledgehammer of a left foot for his first goal for Liverpool?

Was it only in the World Cup that they were doing checks on the speeds of some shots? I thought they would have measured that one. That would have been heading for about 90mph - bit like his driving!