Steve Colman: Weddings allround

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WELL, I hope you enjoyed the Royal Wedding.

I was on the breakfast show on Magic but dashed back to watch after I listened to coverage on the way.

The nice thing was driving as I was listening to Wills and Harry driving along the route and imagined I was with them on the same route.

I had put my suit and tie on and had a red rose as St George’s Day had got hidden away on the previous Saturday. It was a good day and after all the on-screen celebrations I went along to a friend’s house where we were all dressed as wedding guests before having dinner and a wine fuelled game of “Pin the tail on the Corgi” which had proved popular on the radio in the morning.

Silly ideas always seem to work best !!!

WHAT I did enjoy too was the Alternative Royal Wedding which was shown on Tuesday night on Channel 4.

It was filmed at various locations around London with all types of people.

A West Indian family, a couple from the Muslim faith and a fab lady from Durham, Cathy I think, who I wished we had all heard as Kate and Wills came out of the Cathedral shouting “Wayaye Man!! Oggi Oggi Oggi!!” from across the road.

Damn those bells!

Cathy then packed up all her Union Jacks and belongings and headed to Kings Cross whilst the revellers got on with it.

I had visions of her on the 2.10pm to Durham regaling all the other passengers with tales of her sleep-out and it’s successful end.

I HAD Brendan O’Carroll on the show on the Thursday before the wedding and asked his character, Mrs Brown, if there was any advice she could give Wills and Kate. For Wills it was, in Mrs Brown’s own way: “Feed the girl up, she’s looking like a (expletive) sparrow” and advice for Kate - “Lie back and think of England”. It was brilliant chatting with Brendan again after first having him on my show six years ago.

My word has he come onto the TV scene since then. And of course I spoke to him the day after he was nominated for a BAFTA Award which came out of the blue for him. Watch this space.

ANOTHER person who has been propelled into the Stratosphere since they were on the show is someone I mention quite regularly.

Ryan Malloy was appearing at the Sunderlnd Empire and booked to appear on the show on the day we were able to reveal that he was to play Franki Valli in the West End show, The Jersey Boys.

It has just been revealed that he has just signed on for another year in the show. I asked a question on Text Trivia about Franki’s surname and first on the phones to answer it was.....Ryan’s mum Winnie. I felt that it was cheating a bit! But I know what you are like with the answers to my questions. By any means and usually foul!

COMING to the Durham Gala Theatre on Tuesday is the man who has guided us through the political and showbiz world over the past 25 years - Rory Bremner.

He’ll be on the show probably Monday - I’m looking forward to speaking to such a clever chap. Also the latest stars of Priscilla Queen of the Desert which is still packing people in - that’ll be a fun chat too. Remember we spoke to Jason Donavon just before he was in the show and was looking forward to wearing make up and dresses. He surprised us by revealing he was to become a Dad again for the third time. It only seems like yesterday that he and Charlene married!