Steve Colman: Valentine’s Day sins

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Where do I start this week? I suppose at the very beginning - Valentine’s Day.

I did my duty but on Sunday night instead, since there was a football match on Monday night.

I also did try and squeeze into the cinema on Monday lunchtime, but the film timings weren’t condusive to the school run, so I watched “Just Go with It” on my own.

It’s the new Jennifer Aniston film and I was pleasantly surprised as sometimes she has chosen some wrong ones. Also starring is Nicole Kidman, who generally plays more serious parts. She initially plays this rather obnoxious woman with an eye on her husband’s wallet, but later we find that she has a great sense of humour and there are a couple of moments in the film when she is describing something about one of the other characters which gave me two of the biggest laughs in the film.

Lot’s of “lovey aah” factor stuff too, and worth a watch. There seem to be a lot of new releases, presumably for half-term, but as the award givers have shown over the past two weeks, THE film to see has to be The King’s Speech, which I saw the first week it was released but didn’t really suggest to you as a must-see. I am now.

So for my Valentine’s sins, I watched Chelsea edge a point at Fulham and had to endure messsages from my so-called friends regarding the amount of money paid for superstriker Torres.

If I didn’t know any better I’d asume that it was some sort of Communist Cold War plot: “We are not happy with Agent Abramovich and his ruthless spending, so we will clone the best footballer in the World, make Abramovich pay a lot of money for him and laugh when the clone looks like someone from the U12 side who can’t trap a ball.” How on earth has Torres gone from hero to zero in such a short space of time? I recalled the time when George Weah’s “brother” Ali Dia, was touted as being available and turned out for Southampton for about nine minutes before he was rumbled as an imposter. It really looks like that is what happened with him. But I shall keep the faith and will be watching as he turns out against Liverpool’s great rivals, Everton, in the FA Cup. I wonder what they are making of the fact that someone they probably envied as a player has turned into a mouse, with not so much as a nibble, let alone any bite.

Well for my Valentine’s sins of watching football it seemed I was going to have to pay a penance. The future Mrs Colman phoned me on Tuesday morning to ask if I could pick up her son from school as he had gone over on his ankle and nursey had suggested a visit to hospital as he was in a huge amount of pain.

So I had to do something I haven’t done since my son had shut his fingers in a train door and headed off to hospital.

Having dropped him off at the entrance and then helped him hop into the waiting room, young un proceeded to stub his toe on his good foot on a chair leg, leaving him with blood all over his big toe and the floor of the waiting room.

If you are going to injure yourself, you might as well do it in a hosptial waiting room. Well the outcome on the bad foot was that he does have a fracture and is now in a pot, meaning I won’t have to get up Saturday and Sunday mornings for rugby and football games. So on the whole - a result!