Steve Colman: ‘Simples!’

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WELL, following on from my mention of “Betty Blue Eyes”, the new musical in London starring Sarah Lancashire, I mentioned a song which I felt was going to be the new “I am what I am”.

After seeing the show this week, Liza Minelli has requested permission to include the song in her latest show.

If you have heard the song, you can quite easily hear Liza - “Noooobaaaaddeeee....”.

That’s “Nobody” to you and me.

I could imagine Danny La Rue ending his show with it if he was still with us. Now you’ll probably get the gist of the song.

Wow, I can’t let last week go by without a mention of the amazing performance by the Sunderland B team.

Ghana were very impressive in the World Cup as we know, being robbed of their semi final place by Suarez’s hand ball.

How good was Gyan’s performance?

From start to finish he was fabulous and if you are a Sunderland fan you’ll know he has that ebullient outlook on life all the time on and off the field.

I know we have had the Neville Brothers in recent years and now we have the two curly mopped Argentineans now at Manure and of course there’s a Baines and Bale in our footballing ranks. I did find it amusing for the commentators having two Asamoahs and two Jon Mensah’s in the one side. Mensah to Mensah to Asamoah Gyan to Asomoah .......

IT was good to hear that after my mention the other week about highly paid footballers that the Sunderland lads all chipped in to take 200 members of staff from the Stadium of Light to Sedgefield for the race meeting there this week.

Six double decker buses wouldn’t be cheap.

I wonder if the lads stumped up any betting money too for them? Good luck at the Manchester game on Sunday. Chelsea need a Sunderland win, come on Gyan, do it again.

I TOOK advantage of the nice weather last weekend to visit a place I’d never been to before in all my 26 years in the North East - Newton by the Sea.

Wow. Just perfect for a sit on the beach, a game of footy or cricket and a trip to the Ship Inn.

It gets a bit busier in the Summer so now’s the time to go there.

On the way back we popped into Eshottheugh Farm.

You will no doubt never have heard of it but as you travel up the A1 there is a huge yellow van with Beef Jerky written all over it.

If you follow the country lane where that is parked you will come to the farm and all that is actually there, including an animal farm for all the children to enjoy. I’d never thought about looking at chickens but when you see what they have there I think you’ll agree that a chicken is not just a chicken.

They have some amazing breeds that I had never, ever thought I would have seen.

There’s little Shetland Ponies and donkeys which if you get there at the right time the children are able to walk down from the field to their overnight sheds.

There is a raccoon, fox and many other rare ones that you don’t tend to see wandering around your High Street, but obviously due to the adverts and everything associated with them, the most crowded round cages are those belonging to ........the meerkats.


They are sooo funny to see and No, they don’t speak in a Russian accent - Well, the one I held didn’t!!