Steve Colman: No hols for me!

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FUNNY old week for football.

Big damage for Sunderland but the Toon turned things on their head.

Funny interview with Joey Barton which courtesy of The Independent we saw over here.

Accusing Gareth Barry as being a bit like the Head Boy at school and like a tortoise on the pitch when matched up to the free running French attackers.

Joey will probably say that it got lost in translation.

And although it’s only half time effectively, Chelsea let things go and let’s be honest, it was a penalty on Ramires right at the end.

If that had been Man United at home in the dying seconds it would have been nailed on - probably because Alex Ferguson would be in the referees mind.

Maybe that’s what it was all about anyway.

We’ll see what happens in the second half on Tuesday, or more likely in the dying minutes of the second half.

I’VE been giving away tickets to see Buddy The Musical at the Sunderland Empire starting on Monday, April 18 and should have the star of the show, Buddy Holly himself, on the Breakfast Show on Magic 1152 one day next week.

I haven’t been told which day yet but you can listen anyway. You’ll enjoy it I hope. He is a local lad (not Buddy of course) but you wouldn’t know it when watching the show. It’s amazing that two of the premier shows The Jersey Boys and Buddy have leading men from the North East - Billy Elliot comes home again!!!

IT’S funny being in the job that I am - well actually it’s not, as around holiday times, well I don’t get any!

Everyone is talking about the upcoming double bank holiday weekend to celebrate Easter and the Royal wedding.

Well for me, there is no Good Friday or a good Monday either! I’ll be there at my usual 5.30am.

But increasingly, as I discover when the phones ring, there are plenty of you working in shops and supermarkets across weekends generally and when I have had to get up early in the past it would always make me think “Who am I talking to? Is there anyone out there?”

Well I now know that there are a lot of you hopefully tuning in as you get on your way to work too.

WHILST I was typing that last bit (no, I don’t have a minion who I dictate to) I took a phone call.

About 18 months ago I compered a Fashion Show entitled Ladies in pink scarves. The models were all ladies who had been affected by breast cancer, they were a vibrant lot, living their lives to the full after being diagnosed with something that could have taken their life away.

I’m so pleased that they’ve remembered me and asked me to do it again - it’s not until October 28 but try and make a date and come and help the ladies raise some dosh whilst enjoying their performance and dance the night away afterwards. It’s at the Gateshead Newcastle Hilton.

Just a quick update on my competition “The Kissing Words” - if you aren’t a regular listener then it’s just a missing word competition and the missed word is kissed out. It is “under Blank pressure”. If it doesn’t go on Friday morning it’s going to be worth £400 to you at 7.15 and 7.45 on Monday. Talk to you then.