Steve Colman: New bands definitely hit home

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I’M more of a “they don’t make them like they used to” person.

But occasionally some new bands definitely hit home if they have talent.

This week I had the feeling royalty were coming into our studios.

Everyone was running round getting the place tidy and making sure the studios were all spick and span.

I knew we had the Prime Minister up last week and I had a feeling that it could be one of the new Royal Wedding couples were coming in even though Joel my Newsreader wasn’t wearing his collar and tie as he did for the PM.

But no it was McFly!

They were in to chat with our sister station Metro Radio, but I had a chat with their Tour Manager instead.

Always a good source. I told him he must have an easy job with them and sure enough he said that he had worked with some real pains in his time, but as I suspected, they were brilliant lads.

He has been working with them for eight years amazingly and echoed my thoughts that they are a brilliantly talented bunch.

Good guys, maybe they’ll be right for an interview with Magic 1152 in a decade or so.

They’ll be all grown up then.

There was a very special TV Show on Wednesday night.

Did you see the programme all about Hattie Jacques superbly played by Ruth Jones.

It was an amazing story of her time with her husband John Le Mesurier and the relationship she began with a young lover also named John who subsequently moved into the marital house and bed as husband John lived in an attic room. “Carry on John” would have been a great title.

You couldn’t make it up. It gets worse though as, with Hattie’s blessing, John went on to live with attractive actress Joan Malin who John subsequently married. The programme was all about Hattie, however the sad thing, which really probably would have made and even stranger programme, is that John suffered the same situation with Joan when he asked his friend Tony Hancock to live with them whilst Tony was ill only to have the rascal to begin an affair with her.

No wonder all I remember of John Le Mesurier on TV is him looking so thoroughly miserable.

Great show though and the performance from the guy playing Eammon Andrews was perfect as was..... incredible piece of casting by the team working on the now Bafta nominated and probable Oscar winner “The Kings Speech”.

Yes, you’ll agree Firth was brilliant, and I’ll be with you on that.

However it was the inspired casting of Winston Churchill I was fascinated with.

Timothy Spall was great. I can imagine that when he was offered the part he thought to himself “I’d better nail this otherwise I’ll look a complete plank”.

He nailed it totally and utterly. I can’t imagine him sitting in his dressing room or on the set of Auf Weidesein Pet all those years ago, saying to his fellow cast members “One day I’m going to play Winston Churchill”. He’s a year younger than me but I’m sure he remembers the funeral on Tv for Sir Winston which had such an impact on me too at the time.

I could do the holding a cigar in my hand impression though, and thought I would have done by now.

Still waiting to be Gramps Colman as I write this, I was chatting on Facebook to the daughter in law (DIL as I call her) earlier and she tells me she was prepping a hot curry tonight to make things happen.

We still don’t know if it’s to be a boy or girl and they are still toying with boys names - given the Beckham thing about naming the kids for a place name reason - maybe Madras Colman - it sounds quite cool.