Steve Colman: Motorway madness

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Well, proud Gramps here.

Mind you, I nearly didn’t get to see the beautiful Mia, as the journey was a total nightmare.

I got in the car at 11am and set the Satnav to lovely Sunbury-on-Thames and it told me that we’d arrive at our destination at 3.15pm. Well that would do for me!! We were unsure what time the midwife would come round and sign my daughter-in-law out of hospital and my son was keeping me updated as to his attempts to find the said lady, but no one would give him any clue as to where or what the elusive lady looked like.

Well, whilst they worried about that I was setting off and hoping that I was able to get there at the allotted time. Some hope!

The signs on the A1M said that there was a problem with the M1 around the Sheffield area with overturned lorries - you may recall that wind last Friday.

Therefore I decided to stay on the A1M and duck down under Sheffield and then back onto the M1. It would have been a great solution if the wind hadn’t been blowing at 190 mph. As I got about 10 miles past the M1 turn off there were new signs displaying that this time there were overturned lorries on the A1M south of the M62 and therefore all traffic had to leave and cross over to the M62 which turned it into a car park. And do you also know why it looked that way? Because, yes there were overturned lorries on the M62 too.

It was at that moment that I seriously considered turning round and going home again. If you didn’t read last week’s column, my daughter-in-law was two weeks late in delivering the beautiful Mia, so I suppose this little set back really was just an unwanted fly in the ointment compared to the wait.

I decided I would head across country and aim for the M1 further down. The only problem was that everyone else had the same idea. Long story short? Instead of arriving at the assigned 3.15pm I arrived at my son’s place five minutes before they arrived back from hospital with Mia at 6.05pm. Anyway, she is totally beautiful and Scott, my son’s brother-in-law joined me to watch the rugby in a pub near Twickenham to wet the babies head. Result all round!

So I headed back on Sunday night, stopping off to watch the football in Sheffield with my brother-in-law from my sister’s side (I hope you are keeping up this week) and as Liverpool made Torres and Chelsea look very, very silly, we’ll have less of a chat about that.

I enjoyed going to cook and chat to the chefs at my next “Come Dine with me” location. It’s an Indian restaurant which has been in Newcastle for 28 years. We are going to take about 100 of you to the Sachin Restaurant on Sunday, March 6 and it promises to be a brilliant night. And No, I won’t actually be cooking - but I might be serving you. Don’t forget the tip!