Steve Colman: Bonkers Pollard comes to Sunderland Empire

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YOU may have heard the quick chat I had on the radio with Rob Brydon.

I had been asked if I would be interested in playing a Michael Parkinson style role for Rob’s live show at the Tyne Theatre.

It took me milliseconds to reply even before they told me that I would also be paid for it!

I spent a lot of time listening to interviews he had done recently and frantically trying to read through his recently released autobiography which was the reason he was making an appearance locally.

I was originally asked to be at the theatre at 5.30pm where we would be having a chat about what he might want me to ask.

I subsequently got a call saying that it was more likely to be 6pm to 6.15pm and when Rob showed up at just gone 7pm and began eating fish and chips it really didn’t give us much of a chance to chat in order to arrange anything.

So when I walked out on stage at 7.30pm, things could have gone very wrong.

But if you were actually there on the night, it went like a dream and I was very sad to walk off stage after a great night’s entertainment.

That led to Rob’s chat on air last Tuesday morning as he headed off to his next gig in Norwich. I asked if he had Alan Partridge as his host there. But apparently he doesn’t have a job at Radio Norwich really.

Next up I stopped off at the Sunderland Empire to chat to Su Pollard.

I put it to her that some pwople would have been so stereotyped by playing Peggy that she would never be able to do any other work but she’s done that and recently stole the show singing Cilla’s You’re my World in a 60’s laced show called Shout.

She’s at the Empire in Annie in a couple of weeks time and playing the nasty Miss Hanigan has given her another string to her bow.

She told me that there are areas where the Director let’s her have a little bit of license to have a bit of fun, but overall there has to be discipline in the performance to ensure all the lighting sound and various other cues happen at the correct time.

If you heard Su on the radio you’d have heard some sound effects alongside the chat with various rows of beads and other colourful items round her neck jangling away as we spoke.

We chatted for quite a while for on the air and then chatted some more.

She’s totally bonkers and wonderful to spend some time with.

I think she should be a regular on the Breakfast Show if there was anytime that I need to give you a bit of a pick me up. She revealed that there is a new comedy series being looked at currently which will be set at a garden centre. No doubt she’ll be talking to the plants there.

Rory Bremner was on the show too this week - he’s at the new comedy club in Newcastle called The Stand on Tuesday night but we spent most of the chat talking about his dismissal from Strictly Come Dancing. He was gutted, but has used his time on the show to pick up a few comedy lines which he’ll be using in his show.

We’ve been talking about Su Pollard’s barminess and someone who Rory remembers with fondness is the lady who followed him out of the show Nancy Dell’Ollio.

There was another show on the Beeb which went looking for a Nancy, we definitely found one here.

Rory says that even though she states that she speaks six different languages, he could hardly understand her English and in fact believes she speaks her own lingo - Nancese. She did give us plenty to talk about though.

Dave Spikey was a big hit appearing on Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights as Jerry St Clair.

He gave us a few laughs on the air Friday talking about the things he puts into his stand up show picking on local Newspapers and some of the more parochial items that the papers pick up on - no doubt he’ll be thumbing through the pages of the Echo - Ed you have been warned.

He’s appearing at The Empire in Consett next Thursday and the Playhouse Whitley Bay on December 3 and I can tell you he’s coming to the Sunderland Empire next March.

Interestingly, when we do the Magic 1152 Headline Game each Friday with the Sunderland Echo we do create some very clever headlines and it was amusing to see some of the Sunderland footballers in a National newspaper this week after we looked at the story last Friday of the lads walking the Cat Walk modelling on Tuesday night. So what was the creative genius of a highly paid headline writer for a National newspaper? “Black Cat walk” - very poor - they wouldn’t stand a chance against us every Friday.