Steve Colman: A wedding, Yorkshire ale and a day at the races

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Well, how time flies when I’m off enjoying myself!

Actually I’ve been pretty busy but enjoying it along the way.

Take last week. Some time ago the family were contacted by our cousin Ruth who had moved with my auntie and uncle to Rhodesia in the early 60s.

They had been through all the changes of white Rule to black rule and had given up a farm when my Auntie died of a heart attack worried that the farm would be overrun.

They had all then moved to South Africa and Ruth had decided that she really wanted to come back to the UK.

She met a guy online, yes it does work, and they are now, after Saturday’s nuptials, husband and wife.

After phoning my friends in Pocklington to see if it was OK to stay the Friday night ahead of the wedding in Beverley, 20 minutes away from Pock, they had said that they were going on a race night to Beverley, was I in?

Well, it didn’t take me more than a nanosecond to say in the affirmative.

So after the show on Friday I dashed home to get all my bits and pieces and had to dash back to the studio to interview Lee Mead and Natalie Casey.

She is the girl who holds the record for being the youngest person, at the age of three, to have a record in the chart; you may recall “Chick Chick Chicken” which got to the dizzy heights of no 71 in the chart.

She also was the little girl who famously asked Boy George on Saturday morning telly to take her to the toilet.

Anyway she’s a big grown up and very funny girl now, having starred in “Two Pints of Lager” and is in Legally Blonde with Lee Mead who has recently joined the show.

His wife Denise, Van Outen, was previously doing the part that Natalie has taken over. So I chatted with them and then set off at about 12.30 Friday to get down to the races.

There were 10 of us and I had studiously looked at the tip for the races in the newspapers and immediately placed my money on the six races.

What a bad night! Whilst all the girls were picking up winnings by choosing the ones with the nice names and I presume using their hat pin to choose others, I got nothing right.

Even the four horse race which actually turned out to be a three horse race when one of them was scratched, had my horse placed second.

Disaster! But a nice convivial night.

On Saturday morning after bacon rolls in the garden of my hosts in glorious sunshine I headed back off to Pocklington nice and early so I could have a little wander round the rather pretty Beverley - and sample the local brew.

I had been alerted to a place known locally as “Nellies”.

My informant though couldn’t remember the actual name of the 14th Century alehouse with dark and dingy corridors leading to various rooms with old photographs and old peculiarities.

I thought I’d ask the local female Police Community Support Officer strolling through the square.

“Nellies,” I said. It was bizarre when the uniformed officer replied: “The White Arse.” That’s accents for you. On arrival it was rather pleasing to pay the princely sum of £1.59 for a pint of rather good Yorkshire ale.

So off to the wedding and then back to the North East to enjoy a Durham win against Worcester at Emirates Durham ICG on Sunday.

Nice weekend really, shame about the horses which are still running!