Steve Colman: A voicemail from Darth Vader

Darth Vader
Darth Vader
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Well, I’ve been quiet recently which for me is something unbelievable I suppose.

I thought I’d wait until after the match last Saturday, then I thought Oh Blimey you’ll hate me now.

I have to say that during the last 15 minutes Sunderland could have easily changed the result around, particularly with Steve Bruce’s changes up front with Sessegnon moving closer to support new boy Bentner.

As opposed to Gyan moving as far away from from the action as he possibly could.

I really cannot understand that move. Having lived in the UAE for six years, Al Ain was the place you went for a quiet weekend away, a couple of hotels and a hospital with Canadian nurses.

Maybe he’ll be able to practice his French on those from the French speaking area of Canada. He’ll certainly be able to get a few spare tickets for them, the grounds are almost totally empty. What a waste.

Enough of that now. I recently spoke with Ruby Wax about her show which is in London for a limited time. Whilst waiting to chat to her I was able to listen to her sitting in the studio taking phone calls from her offspring.

I use that word as they are not children anymore, however they appeared to be asking mom for tickets for various shows on in London at the time.

“Yeah I’ll get that sorted for you... I’ll do that later, I’m in a studio waiting for a radio interview now, I’ll speak to them after,” Poor woman was the perfect example of a working mother harassed by her kids. However they are 23, 21 and 19 - hmmm.

I suppose I shouldn’t tell you this but I’ve got a chat with Darth Vader lined up for next week.

David Prouse was the man inside the costume, of course, and he has an autobiography out which I haven’t had the chance to read yet. I usually like to get hold of the books and at least read a good chunk before talking to people on the radio. Very often the interview is set up by a company and then I get to talk to the star at a prearranged time, with them ringing our studio, therefore it was quite strange when I got a message on my phone, from him!

It’s quite bizarre when you hear someone famous leave a message on your answerphone. Although of course he didn’t leave any heavy breathing like Darth Vader would have done!

I was very disappointed to discover that for the first time in about a hundred years I won’t be at the end of the Great North Run entertaining and guiding everyone through to the South Shields Metro. It’s a challenge for Kenny (Mr DJ doing all the gigs for the Radio Stations we have) and I to get away before 5pm. The best we’ve done in the past is probably 4.40pm - last year it looked as if we could just about beat that when another thousand people turned round the corner and we were there for another half hour. Anyway with the austere times that we are going through it’s been decreed that we are not needed for the five hour session. I hope everyone knows where they are going - instead of following that noisy blokes’ voice that they usually encounter. Good luck for the run and then for that fun after. Speak soon.