Spice Girls’ concert in Sunderland was everything I hoped it would be – Katie Bulmer-Cooke

The Spice Girls' concert at the Stadium of Light in Sunderland.
The Spice Girls' concert at the Stadium of Light in Sunderland.
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I couldn’t write my column this week without dedicating it to what I can only describe as the best concert I’ve ever been too, so if you’re not a Spice Girls fan, look away now.

Spice World at the Stadium of Light was everything I hoped it would be – and more.

I grew up learning every word to every song (even the album tracks), and rehearsing every dance move, and to be able to walk from my house to see them in my home city was amazing.

I took my little girl, who is a fan too (heavily influenced by me) and my mam, who was a bit dubious as to whether they would be any good, especially live.

Mam’s doubts were soon squashed when Scary, Baby, Ginger and Sporty opened the show with ‘Spice Up Your Life’.

The atmosphere was buzzing and as the evening got darker the wrist bands, given to everyone in the crowd, lit up and added to what I’m sure will be a night to remember forever, for everyone there.

It was reported that the sold old date saw 50,000 people attend, and there were people there from all over the world.

There were banners and flags showing that people had travelled from as far a field as Brazil and Sydney ... how fantastic that these people came to have their Spice Girls experience in Sunderland!

There will no doubt have been a serious amount of money spent in local bars, shops, restaurants and hotels as well as a greatly increased use of taxis and the Metro, so I do hope lots of businesses enjoyed an increase in profits as a result.

Like at any mass event there were a select few people a little worse for wear and acting themselves in a way which I’m sure they would have regretted the next day, but it didn’t put a dampener on the night at all.

One of the main reasons I always loved the Spice Girls was their message of girl power, and I still feel the same 20 years on. Their message is one that all young girls need to hear and have as their motto for life.

Mel B, Emma, Geri and Mel C are such positive role models in so many ways and they certainly left an impressive on our city last Thursday.

This was one concert I will never forget and I hope it’s the start of many more bit acts coming to perform at the Stadium of Light.