Society has let down our young people

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I believe the true cause of knife crime is that society has let down our young people.

We haven’t nurtured them as we should have done.

We stopped valuing mothers and forgot that the role of both parents is paramount in forming emotionally healthy children.

We failed to teach youngsters how to respect others.

We neglected them abused them and left them vulnerable to bad influences.

We gave them a faulty value system based on money and greed and stopped teaching them the difference between right and wrong.

We put money and property before children and stopped spending time with them.

We got rid of faith-based assemblies at the start of each school day, when pupils could learn about the human spirit and our relationship to each other and the human spirit and our relationship with society.

Unless we go back to the basics, learn how to treat each other and raise our children properly again it can only get worse.

Scott Andrews