Sheila Quigley: Squatters, sun and sequels

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ABSOLUTELY crazy. High time this law was buried in a very large hole.

A gang of French and East European squatters have walked into a house and claimed it as theirs.

Yes, it’s been done before, but what’s annoying about this case, is that the squatters got legal representation for free, while the real owner had to represent himself.

And believe it or not, they have been given permission to stay for another two weeks while the case goes on.

WELL, the week’s nearly over and I still haven’t received my invitation to the royal wedding.

Apparently the invitations have been sent out this week. Am I bothered? Not really. Certainly not enough to go on a hunger strike like Mexican teenager Estibalis Chavez .

She’s pitched her tent outside of the British embassy in Mexico city hoping that they will hear of her nine days starvation strike and wangle herself an invite.

She has spent most of that time painting pictures of the couple. She’s also handing out flyers saying: “are they going to let me die just because they won’t give me an invitation to the royal wedding?’

Get a life, kiddo.

I REALLY liked this idea when I heard about it. Apparently, the powers-that-be are thinking of giving us two hours of extra daylight instead of one.

Picture it, sitting on the lawn at midnight under the sun, which will probably be starting to go down round about then, but still, great stuff. There will, of course, be a rush for blackout curtains, but hey, someone’s got to profit. Now where did I put that old sewing machine?

MANAGED to escape the computer for two days last week and headed over to Cumbria where author friend Matt Hilton was launching his latest Joe Hunter thriller.

Brook Reynolds died in a tragic car crash, so the police say. But her father knows otherwise. He wants Joe Hunter to find the men responsible. Problem is, they find Joe first. What happens then is the beginning of a trail of death that leads right to the heart of a racist conspiracy. Hold on tight, a great fast-paced read.

It was at the launch that I met up with Graham Smith, reviewer for Chris Simmons, of and, to my great delight, found out that Thorn In My Side had made no 3 in Crimesquads top 10 best books of 2010.

Hey, beat some really great authors, and smiled all the way home.

Ahh well, back down to earth, chained to the computer and working on the follow-up, Nowhere Man.