SHARON HODGSON: Don’t let Tories sell off the Royal Mail

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Earlier this month the Tories announced they were selling off half of the Government’s remaining stake in Royal Mail, leaving them with a paltry 15% stake in what was once a 100% publicly-owned company.

While the Tories cannot sell off any more of its stake in Royal Mail until September, there are still concerns that sooner rather than later we will see this much-loved institution sold off to the Tories’ friends in the City, leaving us with a completely privatised postal service here in the UK.

The men and women who work at Royal Mail do an important job delivering letters and packages to our loved ones.

However, these jobs and services could all be under threat with further privatisation.

This is why the Communication Workers’ Union (CWU) launched their People’s Post campaign earlier this month that will defend the universal postal services and decent employment standards in the postal industry.

This includes fighting the complete privatisation of Royal Mail, which would entirely remove the public’s voice from this vital institution, but also protecting the pay and conditions of postal workers that have been eroded in recent years. Yet important campaigning like this will be under threat with the publishing of the Government’s Trade Union Bill, to be debated in Parliament late this year.

This Bill aims to overhaul trade union legislation by restricting the political activities and last resort strike action that unions undertake to protect worker’s rights and our public services.

Trade unions are vital in protecting our public services and supporting the rights of people in the workplace.

That is why, as part of a democratic society, we must not allow this Tory Government to continue watering down the role of trade unions in society and subsequently weakening the public’s voice in how services we rely on should be run.