RICHARD ORD: The horror of mainstream TV

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THERE was much laughter and cheering coming from the front room of our house this week.

I popped my head round to see what was causing such hilarity on the box, only to find our boys whooping and hollering at Braveheart.

There’s nothing like a good old beheading and few amputations via the medium of flailing sword to bring a smile to the faces of boys aged 10 and 13.

My memories of TV horror and violence as a child were slightly different. I can remember many a Friday night on the couch snuggled into my mother hoping she would still be asleep by the time the Hammer House of Horror movie presentation started.

The chances to watch Christopher Lee ham it up as Dracula were few and far between. Today, gore, horror and violence is a daily TV occurrence … it’s planned into the television schedules.

Not only is there a whole channel devoted to horror, but it’s seeped into the mainstream.

I walked into the front room the other day and the boys were watching The Man With The 10 Stone Testicles! They weren’t laughing.

Braveheart has nothing on Testicle Man for disturbing teatime viewing. At least, I discovered, that the stirring message of Braveheart had managed to seep into the boys’ conscience.

Yesterday morning, I warned them that they faced severe punishments if they failed to clean up the kitchen after breakfast.

It prompted our Bradley to bellow: “You can take away my PlayStation … but you’ll never take my freedom.” William Wallace would be proud...