Richard Ord: Something smells fishy

Rob Phayer found this creatures head in his mothers garden.
Rob Phayer found this creatures head in his mothers garden.
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WHAT looks like a fish, smells like a fish and has teeth like a fish? Yes, you’ve guessed it … it’s an alien.

Reader Rob Phayer has called on Echo readers to identify this mystery creature (it’s a fish), which landed in his mother’s garden in Sunderland this week.

“At first I though it was a fish,” explained Rob, pictured next to the fish. “but it looks like a piranha or a frog.”

A piranha is, of course, a fish. And while Rob says the creature may look like a frog, that would be a frog without legs, but with scales and a fin (ie. a fish)

“It’s like something out of Alien,” Rob added. Or, to be more accurate, like something out of Finding Nemo.

What is it with people’s imaginations running away with them?

Only last month, we had a pensioner whose front garden wall was damaged by a bus.

“I thought the house had been hit by a meteorite,” he exclaimed, totally ignoring the fact that in the billion-to-one chance his house had been hit by a hurtling mountain of rock from space, he and his brick dwelling would have been reduced to a cloud of pulverised dust floating above a blazing crater the size of a football pitch.

What is perhaps most disturbing about the mystery alien (fish) story is that the appeal for someone to come forward to identify the creature has so far drawn a blank.

No phone calls, no letters, no texts.

Maybe it is an alien. I showed the photo to my seven-year-old son.

“It’s an alien,” he confirmed. Put it to a vote and I’m beaten two to one.

The only other suggestion came from a reader who commented under the story when it appeared on our website

“Is the creature,” ventured a reader, identified only as Rokerend1964, “Peter Beardsley?”

The jury is still out.