Richard Ord: Santa, God and the Easter bunny

The Easter rabbit
The Easter rabbit
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EASTER passed once again in the Ord household with our two boys’ unshakeable belief in God and the Easter Bunny intact.

To be fair, we’re not big on the religious side of Easter at home, but it matters little, the boys (Bradley, 10, and Isaac, seven) will readily believe anything you tell them, providing you give ‘em enough chocolate.

I suspect the pecking order of belief goes Santa, Easter Bunny and then God.

And even then, God is having to fight hard to keep the Tooth Fairy out of the top three.

The Lord God Almighty, in their eyes, probably gives the least of all four.

Creating absolutely everything is impressive, but it doesn’t have the instant gratification of say a chocolate egg and a packet of Smarties. No contest really.

Isaac is the greatest believer. His imagination runs riot.

This Easter he was convinced the Easter Bunny was still in the house even after his huge pile of chocolate eggs had been delivered.

To be fair the suggestion was being fuelled by my wife who kept leaving mini-chocolate eggs around the house.

“He’s still here,” a wild-eyed Isaac exclaimed, adding “I felt him touch my shoulder.”


So convinced magic was afoot, he started telling us how his stuffed toy rabbit was coming alive and helping hide chocolates with the invisible Easter bunny.

His mother, realising what she’d started was perhaps not that healthy, tried to convince him that his rabbit was a stuffed toy incapable of coming to life.

He was having none of it … and set out to prove it.

As we left to go out for the day, he grabbed a carrot from the fridge and placed it next to the stuffed toy.

“If it eats it while we are out, we’ll know he’s come to life,” said Isaac.

Michelle seemed happy with that.

“And if the carrot isn’t eaten?” I said.

Isaac thought for a second and replied: “Then he mustn’t be hungry.”

Hmm, the faith is strong is this one.