RICHARD ORD: Greedy Sam Allardyce is snout of order

Sam Allardyce
Sam Allardyce
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Big Sam? Pig Sam more like. The greedy pig may not have been caught with his snout in the trough, but he was as near as dammit in the eyes of England fans.

All they could see was his backside and the curly tail wiggling in the air. All they could hear were his squeals at the prospect of truffles in the swill.

Sam Allardyce should have been working that backside off, building an England football team of which we could all be proud.

But instead of lining up an honours-winning national squad, he was looking to line his own pockets.

And don’t bleat about him “not breaking any laws” or even that he is the sorry victim of a newspaper employing cloak and dagger tactics for the sake of a good story. It won’t wash.

Sam Allardyce is the architect of his own downfall.

Greed was the driving motive for his actions but it was his arrogance and rank stupidity that truly did him in.

Shameless Allardyce says he was doing a friend a favour when he met up with undercover reporters and insists his motive was not money. It’s hard to swallow.

Meeting up with total strangers about a public speaking gig in Singapore? And it wasn’t about the £400,000 he thought he would trouser? Yeah, sure. And pigs might fly.

For those who love football, it wasn’t just the money. His scathing comments about Roy Hodgson and advice on how to bypass third-party regulations put in place by the FA, only serve to deepen the disdain.

Allardyce may not be so stupid in the future, but the arrogance appears to persist.

Despite putting himself in the unedifying position of having to resign his post as England manager after only one game, there was little genuine remorse on his doorstep.

He leaves our national game at its lowest point in living memory, but sees no reason to hang his head in shame.

Outside his home, to the gathered press, he spoke of his unfortunate “error of judgement” for the “silly thing” he did and claimed “entrapment has won.”

The apology was limp. There was no ‘sorry’ for his actions, just an apology for where he ended up.

He was lucky to engineer a swift but relatively bloodless parting. Claims that he will pocket a six figure pay-out after only one game in charge will leave fans aghast.

"The agreement was done very amicably with The FA and I apologise to those and all concerned in the unfortunate position I've put myself in," he said.

He appears sorry only for himself.

Good riddance to Pig Sam? Not likely.

When asked if this was his last job in football management he replied: "Who knows? We'll wait and see."

If the trough is full, what pig can resist seconds? And the football trough is full to the brim...