RICHARD ORD: First Santa, now this..?

Stork and baby girl
Stork and baby girl
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THERE was much anger in the Ord household this week after our youngest received “The Talk” at school.

Our Isaac, 10, had been duped again.

Bear in mind, in the run-up to Christmas we had to reveal that there was no Santa, which in turn resulted in the Easter Bunny being exposed as a fraud too. Now this … he wasn’t happy.

He rang his mother to remonstrate after the biological intricacies of sex had been revealed at school.

Thankfully, I’d body-swerved this area of parenting. All the birds and the bees stuff had been left to my wife.

I’ll not go into the detail of the whole episode, but I just loved our Isaac’s pay-off line.

With the surprise of it all still registering in his eyes, he told me: “And I thought to get a baby you and mum just said a prayer up the chimney.”

Life is one steep learning curve...